She wants Eindhoven, he wants Tilburg: Alisha and Noud put Buying without Watching makers in a devilish dilemma | Show


Eindhoven or Tilburg? That is the key question on Monday evening Buy without Looking. Brabanders Alisha (27) and Noud (29, later in the broadcast 30) can be seen in the episode and hope to find an answer to that question. The couple lives in the City of Light and if it is up to the lady of the house, they will stay there. However, Noud would like to return to Tilburg, the city where he comes from.

They enlisted the help of Martijn Krabbé and it Buy without Lookingteam because making a choice turns out to be not that easy. However, it is certain that they have outgrown their current apartment near the PSV stadium. The house is too small, especially if Alisha wants to invite friends.

“You can’t be serious,” is the enthusiastic response when Krabbé and his camera crew appear at the door. ,,The coffee is ready. Come in.”


The two met through a dating app Tinder and soon started living together, they say. Noud left his beloved Tilburg. But the apartment they ended up in, in the heart of Eindhoven, has now become too small. “Alisha likes to invite friends, and then you really want a place that is larger than sixty square meters.”

But the search is difficult. “Because Alisha really wants to live in Eindhoven, and I want to live in Tilburg. So you have to convince each other during the Funda search. Quite difficult, even though we have had good conversations about it,” Noud is honest. “But anyway, in the end you choose each other,” Alisha adds. And so they outsource the search to the program makers. They can get started with a budget of 425,000 euros.

Krabbé and the team return to Eindhoven months later, after a long search. They have found a home. Where is it located? That will remain a secret for a while. The young couple is allowed to view a number of houses (in both cities) before making the decision. Are they going to buy without looking? The answer is yes, and the champagne is uncorked. Noud: “I’m completely shaking.”

The young couple when the knot has been tied. They start buying without looking. © Buy without Watching/RTL

‘Sometimes you have to fly out’

A while later the big moment arrives. Wearing a blindfold, the couple is eventually dropped in front of a house in Tilburg. “Really a beautiful house,” says Noud. “It is a very beautiful house, for sure,” says Alisha, with slight emotion. That she has to leave her beloved Eindhoven? ,,It’s okay. It’s really sincerely okay.” Krabbé concludes: “Sometimes you have to fly out.”

Fortunately, when they look around inside, all doubts have disappeared. A beautiful kitchen, many rooms upstairs, space for an office and everything is neatly finished. ,,Nothing wrong with it. I’m curious how much of the budget is left,” Noud wonders.

It soon becomes clear that there is still enough to do the necessary renovations. The bathroom is being completely renovated and the kitchen is also getting a major overhaul. A sleek interior must provide the finishing touches.

The unveiling

“Wow, this is cool. I don’t even know where to look,” is the first thing the two exclaim when they see their eventual love nest in all its glory for the first time. “Really beautiful.” The interior is also popular. Noud: “This is really our style.”

Viewers will enjoy it on Monday evening. For example, Ingrid says on X, the former Twitter: “It turned out beautiful. The couple can use this for years to come. Now we have some time for each other, work and the future.” Although Suzanne says: “It’s a shame about that kitchen. That was beautiful. Not anymore.”

In any case, Noud and Alisha have relieved a lot of stress. “I even felt my heartbeat just now. This is so nice: walking through such a beautiful house and realizing that it is yours,” laughs Noud. And that the house is in Tilburg? Alisha: “That’s a small thing.”

The new kitchen in the purchased home. © Buy without Watching/RTL

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