Preview World Junior Women’s 2022 | Who does Backstedt what at the shortest World Cup this year?

On Saturday, not only the elite women can prepare for one of the most important competitions of the year, it is also the turn of the junior ladies. They will compete against each other in the shortest game of this World Cup. In the leader’s jersey made a preview.

Anyone who takes the honors list of the World Junior Championships among the women immediately notices one thing: in the last eighteen years (!) no Dutch have won. Although Lucy Garner (winner in 2011 and 2012) is now called Van der Haar after a wedding with Lars, Marianne Vos in 2004 is still the last winner from our country. Belgium saw Jolien D’Hoore triumph in 2008.

Van der Haar has since stopped, while the winner of 2013 and 204 (Amalie Dideriksen) has now dropped off after a fabulous start with, among other things, a World Cup victory among the elite in 2016. Chloé Dygert and Elisa Balsamo (2015 and 2016) already have rainbow jerseys in their closet, while the ladies of the past five years cannot yet be judged on their performance with the big girls. However, the 2021 winner, Zoë Backstedt, is back in Wollongong.

Practical information World Junior Women’s Championship 2022

  • Saturday September 24, 2022
  • Attendees
  • Ranking: World Cup

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Latest winners World Junior Women’s World Cup

2021 Zoe Backstedt
2020 Not run
2019 Megan Jastrab
2018 Laura Stigger
2017 Elena Pirrone
2016 Elisa Balsamo
2015 Chloe Dygert
2014 Amalie Dideriksen
2013 Amalia Dideriksen
2012 Lucy van der Haar (Garner)

World Junior Women’s World Cup 2022: Course, weather and times

The junior women complete the shortest road race of the 2022 World Cup. In total they do four laps on the local course in Wollongong, good for a total distance of 67.2 kilometers. Here we just pass the 1000 altimeters, which is roughly half less than what the junior men had to finish on Friday.

As with the other competitions, the most notable obstacle is the Mount Pleasant climb. This 1.1 kilometer climb at 7.7 percent, with strips of up to 14 percent, is in the middle of the round and will therefore also have to be completed four times. Along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the junior ladies also head to Marine Drive, where the finish is located.

For a detailed overview of the round, you can watch this video of the World Cup course in Wollongong.

The weather conditions for Saturday do not promise much good. Although the chance of rain is slightly reduced, the necessary splashes are still expected on the east coast of Australia. In addition, it can also be quite windy from the south, which does not speak in favor of the attackers on this course.

Start: 00:00 (Dutch time)
Finish: 01.50 am (Dutch time)

Favorites World Junior Women’s 2022

We actually go into this World Cup with only one key question: who does Zoe Backstedt what? The British top talent has won just about every competition she set her mind on this season and underlined this once again at the World Time Trial Championship. Over a course of only fourteen kilometers Backstedt did no less than 1.36 minutes better than the number two, the German Justina Czapla.

Currently Backstedt drives a league of her own, but of course something can happen to her in Australia too. Of course we don’t hope for that, but in that scenario – or simply in the battle for silver – the Netherlands and Belgium can try to appeal to the strength in breadth. With ladies like Anna van der Meiden, Mirre Knaven and Nienke Vinke (Netherlands) and Feebe Joris / Xaydee van Sinaey (Belgium) you already have girl power at your disposal.

Nienke Vinke at the European Championships cyclocross

We also keep an eye on some Anglo-Saxon ladies. Australia proposes home drivers Belinda Bailey, Bronte Stewart and Isabella Carnes on, Great Britain has besides Backstedt Izzy Sharp and America has Katherine Sarsikovy and Samantha Scott. Furthermore, the Czech Republic also has two ladies to keep an eye on, with Julia Kopecky and Eliska Kvasnickova. Also Elisabeth Ebrasa lady from Esland, belongs to the outsiders.

At the European Championship, the Française Eglantine Rayer to win. At the time she kept the Italian ladies Fransesca Pellegrini and Eleonora Ciabocco who will also be there again in Wollongong. Also the Austrian Daniela Schmidsberger and Swiss Fiona Zimmermann showed themselves well at the European Championship in Portugal.

TV World Junior Women’s Championship 2022

If you want to watch this World Cup on Friday on Saturday, it might be better to stay up late. Eurosport namely broadcasts from 00:00 to 02:10 on the main channel and the Player, while Sporza brings a summary/replay at 04:50 before the World Cup of the elite women.

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