Nora Smit (16) supports the Menendez Brothers: “He sent voice messages”

Nora Smit (16) supports the Menendez Brothers: “He sent voice messages”
Nora Smit (16) supports the Menendez Brothers: “He sent voice messages”

Joseph Lyle Menendez

That Nora and all the other TikTokkers who are committed to the cause are heard by many people, becomes clear in the new documentary Menendez Brothers: misjudged? But it doesn’t stop there. “Joseph Lyle Menendez has personally sent me voice messages.”

“It started with Lyle’s wife. She messaged me on Facebook: “I’m happy with what you’re doing for Lyle and his brother,” she typed. I thought this was already very special, but then it became even more extreme. On August 16, I received a voice message through his wife’s account. I expected a message from the woman herself, but it turned out to be Lyle. “I’m grateful for what you’re doing, Nora, and I hope you keep doing this. You and others are discussing our case again and hopefully things will change. Greetings, Lyle.’ At the time, I was in shock and couldn’t believe he had texted me.”

“I thanked him, said that I will continue to fight for this cause and I hope for a reduced sentence. That would mean the boys get 30 years for manslaughter instead of life for murder.”

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In addition to being active on TikTok, Nora has also played a role in the new discovery+ documentary. “Last year I was passed New York Times approached, but unfortunately I saw that too late. Finally I got a message from an editor at Lion TV and he forwarded me to discovery+.”

Nora was interviewed twice for the documentary. “First of all, I was sent a stand for my telephone and a lamp. This was really scary the first time, because I had never done this before. The second time went better and the reactions from my fans are also positive. Unfortunately, I also get a lot of negative reactions. I’m supposedly stupid and young and shouldn’t stand up for the brothers. But this just gives me more motivation to keep going.”

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