Are Sylvester Stallone’s three gorgeous daughters the new social influencers?

Are Sylvester Stallone’s three gorgeous daughters the new social influencers?
Are Sylvester Stallone’s three gorgeous daughters the new social influencers?

Sylvester Stallone has three stunning daughters whom he watches over as a devoted watchdog. Sylvester had a bullmastiff in Rocky’s time and recently a rottweiler. He takes that experience as a dog owner with him as a father. You can’t blame 77-year-old Sylvester: he has two sons from a previous marriage and his three girls grow up to be beautiful women.

He is a nice, loyal coach. That’s the feedback his daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet are giving in any case. The incredibly cute girls are a product of his marriage to model Jennifer Flavin. The now divorcing couple stayed together for their daughters for twenty-five years, and it was worth it. All three are now down to earth ladies with a dry sense of humor. They are active on Instagram and should be featured in their own reality show in the near future.

You can also find them in messages from Sylvester on Instagram and TikTok. In addition, Sylvester likes to take them to various events, such as his premieres. Every now and then an interview with the ladies pops up in magazines or in social media.

Below, the proud and uplifting dad shares an Instagram post of a daughter’s victory moment. Sistine finds the huge spider on her hand bloodcurdlingly exciting and Sylvester remains calm and says: “You started this yourself.” She responds dryly in the comments: “I still have nightmares.”

The daughters
The 26-year-old Sophia Rose Stallone is the oldest of the three and active in the modeling world. She has a podcast together with her sister Sistine, because: talking about yourself in a podcast is cheaper than therapy! Beautiful clothes and beautiful poses pass by, as does the occasional shout out to her sisters and parents.

The 24-year-old Sistine Rose Stallone is active in the film and modeling world and represents the Chanel brand, among others. She starred in several films, such as Midnight in the Switchgrass with Bruce Willis and Megan Fox. She also occasionally records a podcast with her sister Sophia and shows beautiful clothes as well as fun lifestyle stuff.

Scarlett Rose Stallone, 20, is a little shy and the youngest of Sylvester’s eyes. She has a lot of followers on Instagram, but probably doesn’t post much yet. What is striking is that her messages always contain a positive message. She also likes to show her normal life around the horses, as well as chores around the house. And that is very important for other young viewers. She also plays a role in the new series Tulsa King which her father has just completed.

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