This is the widest Audi RS6 ever

2022 is the anniversary year of the Audi RS6. Audi celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its image booster fairly civilized, but the German tuner G&B Design allowed it to be a little more ferocious. They come with a body kit with which you can make your Audi RS6 of the previous generation (C7) the widest RS6 of all time.

You have wide, wider, widest. Then nothing for a long time and finally you come face to face with the G&B A6 XTM. According to the tuning company, it is the widest street-legal RS6 in the world. With that you trump the new Audi RS6 (C8) of the neighbor! Well…beautiful…

This A6 is the scariest fly swatter on the autobahn

Little is left of the semi-subduedness that the RS6 of the previous generation still had – in contrast to the latest version. G&B has expanded the front screens so far that they can accommodate a complete breakfast buffet of a five-star hotel. In between, the tuner has crumpled up the single frame grille of the current generation RS6, surrounded by additional air scoops, winglets and spoilers. It makes the A6 XTM the biggest scare of all the insect swarms that live around the autobahn. They have never seen such a large fly swatter.

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Yet the front is the epitome of subtlety and civilization when you look at the 8 centimeters widened rear. Above the rear window is a wing that a sports aircraft would be jealous of and the air vents in the rear spoilers are more likely to be seen on a monster truck than on a station wagon.

This is the widest Audi RS6 ever

Audi rings in the rear bumper

Many tuners remove all logos and badges from their products for a ‘cleaner’ look. G&B Tuning did remove the four Audi rings from the tailgate, but inflated them considerably and moved them to the rear bumper. Yet the four rings in diameter are still amply surpassed by the four exhaust pipes. Have you been dreaming of an RS6 that makes all other RS6s pale into good schoolboys? For 9450, the tuner from Wuppertal makes your dreams come true. Do promise that you will save the money obediently and not secretly stuff heavy fireworks into ATMs to get the necessary amount together. The 21-inch wheels from Jäger and the accompanying 325 mm wide rubber are not included in the price.

Don’t tell: the XTM tuning kit fits all Audi’s A6 Avant of the previous generation, even if there is a 150 hp diesel under the hood …

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