Next strike in public transport: where is regional transport at a standstill?

Next strike in public transport: where is regional transport at a standstill?
Next strike in public transport: where is regional transport at a standstill?

Have you been bothered by the strikes at the NS in the last week of August 2022? A collective labor agreement between the NS and the union is still not in the works, so more is on the way. Where and when will traffic nuisance in public transport arise? We explain it to you.

What is the reason for the strike?

As with the NS, a shortage of staff and a high workload are the main reasons for the strike. In addition, more and more bus lines are being cancelled. “Everything shows that the management boards of the transport companies only have one thing in mind: cut back, cut back and cut back some more. Staff suffers as a result of poor working conditions and the traveler due to increasingly poor regional transport,” says FNV director Marijn van der Gaag.

Does the strike in regional transport resemble that of the NS?

Train traffic of the NS, the national transport company, has partly come to a standstill between 24 and 31 August 2022. In several regions, the staff has stopped working for 24 hours. In September 2022, it will therefore be the regional carriers who will go on strike. Regional buses and regional trains from, for example, Arriva, Connexxion, Hermes, Qbuzz and Keolis will not run on specific days. This is followed by another day on which regional transport throughout the country is cut off.

When are there strikes in regional transport?

The strike starts with 4 regional work stoppages. on tuesday 6 september this is the case in Flevoland, South Holland and Zeeland. on wednesday september 7 it’s Noord-Holland and Utrecht’s turn. Gelderland, North Brabant and Limburg are the setting for the strike of thursday september 8. The end of the 1th strike week is over Friday 9 September in Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel. on Friday September 16 so if there is an extra day of strike: then there will be no regional transport throughout the country.

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What exceptions are there?

Note the distinction between the different carriers and the difference between city and regional transport. City buses, trams and metros will in principle continue to run. The carriers HTM and GVB are covered by a different collective labor agreement and are not participating in the FNV strike. This means that the tram in The Hague, city transport in Rotterdam and the ferry and metro in Amsterdam do run. The tram line in Utrecht falls under the municipality and will probably remain active.

If you go out in Rotterdam, make sure you are aware of the travel information in the regional transport. RET Bus in Rotterdam is participating in the strike, but the metro and tram department probably not. The staff of the city buses in Utrecht do stop working, even during the regional strike on 7 September.

Will there also be a new strike at the NS?

During the above-mentioned strike days in September 2022, NS trains will continue to run. But as long as there is no agreement between NS and FNV, a new strike in train transport is only a matter of time. The union has announced a nationwide strike, but no concrete dates are yet available. In any case, the NS staff remains ‘very prepared to take action’, Henri Janssen says on behalf of FNV Spoor. “Despite the strikes, we have heard nothing from the NS in recent days,” he said it. “NS employees want to be able to do their job well. But there are fourteen hundred vacancies. As a result, the workload is too great and that is at the expense of the traveler.”

(Source: FNV Streekvervoer, FNV Spoor,, Algemeen Dagblad. Photo: Bjoern Wylezich / Shutterstock)

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