Antwerp brothers travel to Sardinia with a tricycle converted into a sound system: “He can barely go uphill” (Antwerp)

With their tricycle, the two brothers travel to the Sun and Bass Festival on the Italian island of Sardinia, where they hope to arrive next week. Their goal: to raise money for the non-profit organization Coda, an organization that is committed to palliative care and that supported their parents during a rearguard fight against cancer. The Road to Sardinia promises to be an exciting trip.

The parents of Filip (45) and Kris (43) passed away in 2014 and 2018 respectively. “That was a very sad, depressing time. At the same time, we saw how non-profit association Coda treated our parents and that gave us new energy. The positive element is central. They made sure that we could say goodbye to them in a very beautiful way. A story that should also be told to young people.”

Not long after their father passed away, the brothers decided to go to the Sun and Bass Festival in Sardinia. “The timing seems a bit odd, but for us it was part of the grieving process. We had less family now, but found a new one in the drum’n’bass world.” (Read more below the photo)

Filip ‘Madruler’ Martens in action — © RR

The blessing of corona

The two had previously conceived the idea of ​​giving something back to the non-profit organization Coda. After their visit to the festival in 2018, they got the idea to convert a Piaggio Ape 500, which they saw regularly in Sardinia, into a mobile sound system and drive it to Sun and Bass during a sponsored trip.

“We bought such a tricycle and then came corona. That was actually a blessing because now we suddenly had much more time to rebuild it completely. The work had a lot of feet in the earth, but thanks to the many lockdowns we had all the time to do it bakske to finish it all.”

In the meantime, they mapped out a course to Sardinia and after a kick-off party last Saturday at Damplein, the time had finally come. Filip and Kris left for the south on Sunday morning. The trip will take a good week and is not without risk. “It won’t be walk in the parkbut it should still be a bit of a challenge.” (Read more below the photo)

© RR

back exercises

For example, the van’s suspension is virtually non-existent. “We are already at ‘middle age’. And so we will stop every hour to do back exercises. We have already received a lot of yoga tips.”

In addition, a Piaggio Ape 500 can reach 70 kilometers per hour at best. So he can’t drive on highways, which means the duo has to take regional roads. “We are already afraid of everything that goes uphill.” And also everything that is under the body and the turntables sometimes dares to cause problems. For example, on Sunday – with Chimay as their first destination – they immediately had car trouble. (Read more below the photo)


sigh… — © RR

Fortunately, that was foreseen: “My brother Kris teaches car mechanics at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool. But in the event that a really serious problem arises, our support vehicle – or in the worst case, broom truck – will have a second mechanic”, explains Filip.

Whoever is in the trailer is a photographer who road trip documents and regularly posts the images on the social media of both gentlemen.

The crew of 'The Road to Sardinia'

The crew of ‘The Road to Sardinia’ — © Patrick De Roo

Sponsorship and parties

“You can The Road to Sardinia sponsor through our website. All proceeds go to the non-profit organization Coda. The expenses, going from the renovation of our bakske to petrol and other travel costs, we take it completely on ourselves. The money comes partly from our inheritance, but we are also supported by a lot of volunteers. Ranging from that extra car mechanic and the photographer to kids who sell T-shirts and candy.”

And what are the plans along the way, other than regular breakdowns? “We stop with our mobile sound system in cities such as Dijon and Avignon to set up drum’n’bass sets in collaboration with local crews. So we definitely need to get that data.” And then there is the ferry to Sardinia. “It is booked for September 9. If we don’t make it, we’ll have a problem.”

Sun and Bass festival

Sun and Bass festival — © RR

Once at Sun and Bass there is a DJ set, but after that it is quickly home again: “We also have a remorque. With that, our friends, with the Piaggio, drive back to Belgium. We have to take the plane ourselves in Sardinia so that we can be in time for our sister’s wedding on September 14.”

The sponsorship campaign runs until the end of September. More information and live updates can be found on the Facebook page The Road to Sardinia.

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