Manon Hees fourth in Grand Prix Lier

Manon Hees fourth in Grand Prix Lier
Manon Hees fourth in Grand Prix Lier

A handsome fourth place for Manon Hees and Kamiel van het Langwater (by Wiensender) in the 3* Grand Prix over 1.55 in the Bemers Rider Tour. After a time error in the first round, the Dutchman went all out with her big chestnut in round two, which resulted in a fourth place and more than five thousand euros. The win went to Mathieu Billot from France with Darling de l’Angevine (by Air Jordan).

The format for this Grand Prix was as follows: After the first round, all clear participants and at least the best 25% of all combinations went through. In this case there were thirteen combinations, of which seven had remained clear. That made no difference in the second, shorter round, because everyone started from zero again.

Hees gives gas

Manon Hees had driven beautifully and concentrated with her large chestnut in her first round. However, there was a small time limit, which resulted in 1 penalty point appearing on the board. But that did not go to round two, in which Hees clearly had more gas. That was also fine because Kamiel jumped excellent. It was clear and much faster, but the combination still got a penalty point for time. Good for fourth place!

Result (with link to videos)

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