Wash the car yourself or through the car wash?

Wash the car yourself or through the car wash?
Wash the car yourself or through the car wash?

Did your car get dirty on vacation or were you under a tree and a bird used your car as a beautiful canvas for a colorful (poo) portrait? Then it is wise to wash the car (or have it washed). During droughts and times of water shortage, you may want to conserve water. Minister Harbers (Infrastructure and Water Management) also calls for this at the beginning of August 2022. So which option ensures the least water consumption? Wash the car yourself or drive through the car wash?

the car wash

The car wash may not sound like the best option, as it uses a lot of water. According to the ANWB this is about 600 to 800 liters per wash. But this is a good option to get your car clean, because a modern installation reuses up to 90 percent of this water. Oil, grease and dirt are filtered from the used water, collected and processed by professional companies. The cleaned water then simply flows over the next car. The wash boxes, where you have to clean your car yourself, also reuse and filter the water.

According to TopGear a car wash uses between 50 and 150 liters of fresh water. This varies per car wash, it also depends on how new the installation is.

Wash the car yourself

If you are going to wash your car yourself, according to One today on 65 to 80 liters of water. It depends on how thoroughly you clean the car. In that case, pay attention to where you clean the car, because in many municipalities this is no longer allowed on the street. Separate sewer systems have been installed in some residential areas. Because of the soap that is used when washing the car, it is seen as waste water and is not allowed to enter the surface water.

Water reuse

In the end, the difference between washing yourself and in the car wash does not make much difference in terms of the amount of water. It is true that in a car wash or laundry box the water is reused, which is better for the environment. If you want to get started yourself, we’ve listed some tips. And we also looked into how often it is necessary to make the car shine again.

(Source: ANWB, TopGear, Rijkswaterstaat, AD.nl. Photo: Shutterstock)

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