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The human rights group al-Mezan blames Israel for the death of six-year-old Farouq Mohammed Abu Naja from Gaza. According to al-Mezan, Israel has refused to allow the child to undergo treatment at Hadassa Medical Center in Jerusalem, for which he had a referral and an appointment, and requests had been made on January 21 and August 10 this year. The Israeli authorities had not responded to either request. The boy’s situation, who was suffering from developmental regression, rapidly deteriorated shortly after the last application. He died on August 24.

According to al-Mezan, the discriminatory restrictions on movement to which Gaza is subject and the arbitrary way exit permits are issued are responsible for Farouq’s death. The organization added that it is the fourth time this year that patients have died due to a failure to obtain an exit visa – three of them were children and one was an adult. The organization calls Farouq’s death yet another proof that Israel is failing to fulfill its duties as an occupying force and, in violation of human rights – and the UN-guaranteed rights of the child – is not ensuring that the right to health care is guaranteed as much as possible. Denying a toddler the opportunity to receive medical care for more than five months was unacceptable, al-Mezan said.

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