NS will receive a new timetable as of September 5, 2022

NS will receive a new timetable as of September 5, 2022
NS will receive a new timetable as of September 5, 2022

There are currently fewer or no trains running due to the strikes by NS staff. But from September 2022 there will be definitive changes in the timetable of the trains. We will list for you what will change and by when exactly.

Staff shortage at NS

There are staff shortages not only in the hospitality industry, healthcare and education. The Dutch Railways (NS) is also struggling with a shortage of employees. As a result, they are forced to adjust the timetable. This goes in 2 phases. Phase 1 will start on September 5, phase 2 on December 11.

Fewer trains

For a number of routes, this timetable means that fewer trains run per hour. The number of running trains will also be suspended in the evenings. The first changes will take effect on September 5 and are as follows:

  • During the week there are 4 intercity trains per hour. There are now 6.
  • The evening schedule will come into effect earlier. Now that is at 10 PM, but that changes to 8 PM.
  • Intercity and Sprinter trains run every half hour in the evenings and weekends. Now these go every 15 minutes.

Adjustments in December

The NS will adjust the timetable again on 11 December. The following changes are added to those of September 5:

  • In rush hour on Fridays, Intercity trains run every half hour instead of every 15 minutes on a number of routes.
  • From Monday to Thursday, an Intercity will run every 10 minutes on the Eindhoven-Amsterdam route, instead of every 15 minutes as is the case in September.
  • On the HSL-Breda-Rotterdam route, 3 trains run per hour instead of 5.
  • During off-peak hours, Intercity’s and Sprinters run every half hour instead of every 15 minutes.

Get used to

The acting president of NS Bert Groenewegen acknowledges that the new timetables take some getting used to for travelers. “We want to serve the traveler as well as possible and make sustainable accessibility possible. The original timetable for 2023 is still based on the expected strong passenger growth from 2019. The world now looks really different.” Due to the changes, some trains will be busier during off-peak hours. Travelers will also have to change trains more often on weekends and evenings. Nevertheless, the NS hopes with the adjustments to prevent travelers from having to deal with train cancellations shortly before their journey.

(Source: NS, NOS, Trouw. Photo: Shutterstock)

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