Hsiao: Taiwan Can Take Leadership in Asia Pacific Region

Hsiao: Taiwan Can Take Leadership in Asia Pacific Region
Hsiao: Taiwan Can Take Leadership in Asia Pacific Region

Taiwan can play a leadership role in the Asia Pacific region or even in the world, vice president-elect Hsiao Bi-Khim told a forum in Taipei on Monday.

“Not only can Taiwan help, but Taiwan can lead … not only can Taiwan play a leadership role, but Taiwan’s leadership is important to the world,” Hsiao told the annual forum hosted by the Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation ( CAPRI) think tank.

Hsiao mentioned how she likes President Tsai Ing-wen’s description of Taiwan as “a resilient island” in her 2002 National Day address, which concludes how this island is constantly influenced by typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, and droughts.

Hsiao further pointed out that Taiwan has survived the world’s longest period of one-party rule under martial law and is now under constant attack from cyber-attacks, false information, and political interference.

Despite facing all these difficulties, and living long under the shadow of its massive neighbor China, Taiwan has demonstrated its economic, social, democratic, and defense resilience in the face of natural disasters and limited natural resources.

In demonstrating leadership in politics, society, and the economy, Taiwan attracts those who value freedom and innovation. For example, various statistics show that Taiwan leads the world in political freedom, basic human rights, freedom of speech, and media freedom.

Although domestic political competition is fierce, the Taiwanese people insist on peaceful and inclusive election processes. Taiwan’s democratic atmosphere has also become the base for many international non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and media organizations.

Hsiao thanked Taiwan’s international friends for their long-term support, citing the example of US President Joe Biden last month signing into law a bill to provide aid to Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel.

“We must have the confidence that Taiwan is worthy of galvanizing international support,” she said.

This article is edited and translated from The News Lens Chinese edition.

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