Pim Mulder and It’s Possible SRK win Grand Prix Ermelo!

Pim Mulder and It’s Possible SRK win Grand Prix Ermelo!
Pim Mulder and It’s Possible SRK win Grand Prix Ermelo!

A spectacular conclusion marked the end of the first edition of CSI** Ermelo, with Pim Mulder’s stunning victory in the CSI2* Grand Prix, offered by the Province of Gelderland. Mulder, also ambassador of the event, made history by being the first to win the Grand Prize of this brand new event, with his trump card It’s Possible SRK (breeder: Hiemstra).), in a breathtaking time of 37.86 seconds. “I had to get started at the beginning of the week.

Last week I was at the National Championships in Deurne with a number of horses and this week I had a new group of horses with me. Earlier in the day I already had a clear round in the CSI1* Grand Prix. Unfortunately I got a bar in the jump-off, but I had the fastest time. That would have been nice, I thought at the time, but to win the CSI2* Grand Prix for the first time is of course much nicer,” Mulder laughed.

The tension reached its peak when Mulder started last in the jump-off, leaving Jeroen Dubbeldam behind. Dubbeldam finished in second place with Trezegeut, in a time of 39.51 seconds. Annelies Vorsselmans took third place with Ubrisco, in a time of 39.90 seconds.

Mulder shared his enthusiasm about the event: “Wivaldi asked me about the possibilities of being an ambassador for CSI** Ermelo and we thought that would be a good contribution to the event. CSI** Ermelo is really special, because the terrain has existed for so long for our federation, but this is only the first international show jumping competition to be held here, organized by Wivaldi. Everyone is amazed at the possibilities here. There was very good sport and the ring was very beautiful. In addition, there were so many opportunities to train your horses besides the competition. This has really been carefully thought through.


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