Labor Day rallies worldwide, 12 officers injured in Paris


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Large-scale Labor Day manifestations took place in many places within and outside Europe today. This was often done without violence, but in some places it led to confrontations with the police.

For example, there were disturbances at a number of locations during the May Day protest in Paris. According to French media, cars and garbage bins were set on fire. During disturbances, stones and fireworks were thrown at officers. Twelve officers were injured. At least 45 demonstrators were arrested.

At least 18,000 people participated in the protest march through the French capital, according to the Paris police, although the unions speak of 50,000 demonstrators. The French Ministry of the Interior estimated that there were at least 121,000 demonstrators across France.

  • A demonstrator is arrested during the May 1 demonstration in Paris
  • AFP

    Protesters set fire to crafted Olympic rings
  • AFP

    A van went up in flames in the French capital
  • AFP

    Pro-Palestinian demonstrators joined the May Day demonstration in Paris this year

May Day demonstrations in the French capital often result in confrontations with the police. Last year, at least 540 people were arrested and 406 officers were injured.

Taksim Square

At least 200 demonstrators were arrested in Istanbul as they tried to reach Taksim Square. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets.

  • AFP

    Turkish riot police block access to Taksim Square
  • AFP

    When demonstrators tried to reach Taksim Square, clashes broke out with police
  • AFP

    Protesters help woman who was injured during a confrontation with riot police
  • AFP

Taksim Square is traditionally the center of May Day demonstrations, but the government has banned protests there since 2013. Last year, the Constitutional Court of Turkey ruled that this ban is unconstitutional. Human rights organization Amnesty International is calling for a lifting of the ban. Demonstrations were allowed in other places in the city.

Day off

May 1 is not a public holiday in the Netherlands, but in many countries employees are off work and sometimes take to the streets. Employees also took action today for better employment conditions in Germany, Belgium, Greece, Cuba, Japan, Pakistan, Nigeria and South Africa, among others. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators joined the May Day demonstrations in several countries.

  • EPA

    Demonstrators from the South Korean trade union protest in Seoul against labor conditions
  • EPA

    Pro-Palestinian demonstrators also joined the May Day demonstrators in Cape Town
  • EPA

    May 1 in the Cuban capital Havana

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