Live Premier League | Heracles take the lead against AZ after a great goal by De Keersmaecker


Live Eredivisie | Heracles op voorsprong tegen AZ na prachtgoal De Keersmaecker

Welkom in dit liveblog. Mijn naam is Nemo Schillemans en hier houd ik je op de hoogte van speelronde 28 van de Eredivisie. Veel plezier!
  • Eredivisie (speelronde 28)
  • LIVE: Heracles-AZ 1-0
  • 20.00 uur: FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle
  • 21.00 uur: sc Heerenveen-FC Twente


Heracles-AZ | woensdag 3 april om 19:09

24′ Het loopt niet bepaald op rolletjes bij AZ. Passes komen niet aan, waardoor de frustratie toeneemt. Inmiddels kijkt de ploeg van Martens dus ook tegen een achterstand aan in Almelo.

Heracles-AZ | woensdag 3 april om 19:05

19′ GOAL Heracles! 1-0

Na een fraaie aanval komt de bal voor de voeten van Oppergaard. Hij legt de bal vervolgens perfect klaar voor De Keersmaecker, die de bal heerlijk in het doel van Ryan krult. De Alkmaarders verrassend op achterstand in Almelo.

Heracles-AZ | woensdag 3 april om 19:04

18′ Scheperman krijgt bijna een uitgelezen mogelijkheid om te schieten, maar ziet dat Clasie nog net op tijd zijn been ervoor steekt. Het zijn kleine speldenprikjes, voorlopig.

Heracles-AZ | woensdag 3 april om 19:01

16′ Bazoer probeert het maar eens van afstand, maar zijn schot daalt te laat. Doeltrap Heracles, maar AZ komt nu meer en meer in de buurt van de goal van de thuisploeg.

Heracles-AZ | woensdag 3 april om 19:00

The first, and so far only real, opportunity of this match was for Kristijan Belic, but he shot just a few feet wide.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:56 PM

10′ Striking. The ball clearly goes over the back line via Heracles keeper Brouwer, but referee Lindhout allows the ball to continue. Sven Mijnans shouts for a corner kick, but the game continues.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:54 PM

8′ There is the first opportunity of the match! AZ storms forward with the quick counter-attack, and Belic then tries with a shot. The goal attempt goes just a few feet wide.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:53 PM

6′ Heracles cautiously approaches Ryan’s goal, but the home team does not attempt a goal. We are quietly waiting for the first real opportunity in Almelo.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:50 PM

4′ AZ plays the ball calmly and is looking for an opening. A quiet start to this Eredivisie match in Almelo.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:46 PM

1′ Kick-off! The ball is rolling in Almelo! AZ is hunting for the fourth win in a row against low-flying Heracles, but what can the home team do? You follow it here!

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:42 PM

Dani de Wit hinted last weekend that he is probably working on his last season at AZ. The midfielder has already scored nine times in this Eredivisie campaign. How many more goals will be added?

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:40 PM


Marko Vejinovic (right) starts in the Heracles starting line-up for the first time since February 3 in an Eredivisie match. Heracles won only one of its last eight Eredivisie matches in which Vejinovic started: 1-2 at RKC on January 12.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:36 PM


The first images of the warm-up are flooding into our image banks. We will start in Almelo in ten minutes.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:29 PM


AZ coach Martens about Van Bommel: ‘He lacked aggressiveness’
Maarten Martens chooses to start with Myron van Brederode, and not with Ruben van Bommel. “He lacked some aggressiveness and perhaps some freshness in the last match. Yes. Then there are other players ready, of course. The competition is fierce,” says the AZ coach. ESPN. The Alkmaarders have finally found their way back up again, after a mediocre middle phase of this Eredivisie season. “We have to show again today that we are eager and put in a good performance. If you don’t win, it will eat away at a sportsman. That happened for a while, then you have to fight and come back. We had to be a unit “Little by little it has gotten better.”

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:25 PM


The Erve Asito field for the start of the warm-up, which is now in full swing. In about twenty minutes the football party will start in Almelo!

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 6:18 PM

Setups! There are the starting names of Heracles and AZ for the 6.45 pm match. For the visitors, attacker Ruben van Bommel starts on the bench. Myron van Brederode is preferred by trainer Martens. The names:

Heracles: Brewer; Port, Sonnenberg, Hoogma, Oppegard; De Keersmaecker, Vejinovic, Scheperman, Hrustic; Limbombe, Hornkamp.

A-Z: Ryan; Sugawara, Goes, Bazoer, Wolfe; Belic, Clasie; Mijnans, De Wit, Van Brederode; Pavlidis.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 5:52 PM

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 5:51 PM


Non-match related news also came out about AZ today. Merijn Zeeman becomes the new general manager of AZ. The driver comes from cycling team Visma-Lease a Bike and will start working at the club from Alkmaar on December 1.

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 5:50 PM

But now first the focus on Heracles-AZ. The home team is still not sure of Eredivisie football next year. Heracles is currently fourteenth in the Eredivisie rankings, just four points above the relegation zone.
  • 14. Heracles 27-26 -26
  • 15. RKC 27-23 -19
  • 16. Excelsior 28-22 -23
  • 17. Vitesse 28-17 -37
  • 18. FC Volendam 27-15 -41

Sc Heerenveen-FC Twente | Wednesday April 3 at 5:45 PM


Sc Heerenveen and FC Twente end the evening with the 9 p.m. match. Heerenveen, which is saying goodbye to coach Kees van Wonderen after this season, is having a fairly mediocre series. The past three matches were lost to NEC (2-0), Feyenoord (2-3) and even drew against relegation candidate RKC (1-1). Today, the number three of the Eredivisie is not an easy opponent on the field of the Abe Lenstra Stadium.

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle | Wednesday April 3 at 5:41 PM


At 8 p.m. it is the turn of FC Utrecht and PEC Zwolle. Both teams lost their first game after the international break last weekend against a team from the traditional top 3. FC Utrecht gave away a 0-2 lead in De Kuip, it eventually became 4-2 for Feyenoord. PEC could not make a fist against the ailing Ajax, which won 1-3 in Zwolle. What can Jans and Jansen’s teams do today?

Heracles-AZ | Wednesday April 3 at 5:39 PM


We kick off the evening at 6.45 pm with the match between Heracles and AZ. When the teams met in Alkmaar earlier this season, they only managed a 1-1 draw. Pavlidis then scored the goal on behalf of the home team, the score now stands at 24 for the Greek striker.

Premier League | Wednesday April 3 at 5:36 PM


Today is the second day of this midweek Eredivisie matchday on the program. Number three in the rankings, FC Twente, and number four, AZ, are among others in action today. You follow it here!

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