No criminal charges for fatal train accident in Voorschoten | The Gooi

No criminal charges for fatal train accident in Voorschoten | The Gooi
No criminal charges for fatal train accident in Voorschoten | The Gooi

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The Public Prosecution Service will not prosecute anyone criminally for the fatal train accident near Voorschoten last year. A crane operator who was crossing the track with his crane was killed in that accident. Justice concludes that there was an accident.

The crane was used for maintenance work on the track. As a result, two tracks were not used. The other two tracks would also be put out of action before the crane would cross. However, before this happened and before the rest of the work crew arrived at the agreed location, the driver crossed the road.

A freight train collided with the crane and a passenger train derailed due to debris from this accident. The train occupants were injured and the crane operator died.

‘Tragic event’

“It cannot be determined why the crane operator started the crossing earlier, despite this agreement. No technical defects have been identified on the crane and there are no indications that the crane operator had become unwell or the crane had deliberately been placed in front of the freight train. have placed,” the Public Prosecution Service summarizes. The conclusion is therefore that there was an accident.

The deceased crane operator was an employee of construction company BAM. A spokesperson for that company said that BAM has taken note of the Public Prosecution Service’s decision. BAM says it is awaiting the report from the Dutch Safety Board, which is expected to be published in mid-May. “The decision of the Public Prosecution Service does not change the sad memory of that tragic event,” the spokesperson said.

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