Maria G. was stabbed to death, partner Ali G. posted disturbing messages online in advance (Putte)

Maria G. was stabbed to death, partner Ali G. posted disturbing messages online in advance (Putte)
Maria G. was stabbed to death, partner Ali G. posted disturbing messages online in advance (Putte)

The apartment building in Beerzel where the murder took place on the night from Sunday to Monday. — © Kristof Van Rompaey


43-year-old Maria G., the victim of the murder on Easter Monday in Beerzel (Putte), died of stab wounds. This is evident from the autopsy, the public prosecutor’s office confirms. Her partner Ali G. was intercepted in the Netherlands and is currently in prison there. Before the facts, he posted a number of disturbing messages on social media.

The lifeless body of Maria G. was found in her apartment on the Aarschotbaan in Beerzel on the night of Sunday to Monday around 3:30 am. She shared the home with her partner Ali G. and two children, a teenager and a child of primary school age.

Initial findings showed that the woman had been killed violently. The public prosecutor’s office requested an investigating judge for murder. There was no trace of Ali G. in Beerzel when the emergency services arrived. He had left by car for the Netherlands, where he was intercepted at the Ulvenhout exit, towards Breda.


The suspect was arrested and transferred to a Dutch prison. The public prosecutor’s office is requesting his extradition, but it is not yet known when that will happen. If G. agrees, this can be done within ten days. If he refuses, it could take several months.

The public prosecutor’s office indicated on Monday that the facts took place in a relational context, but did not elaborate further on the suspect’s possible motives. A number of sources confirmed that Ali G. recently discovered that his wife had committed adultery. Whether this played a role in the facts remains to be determined by further investigation.

Alarming messages

A few hours before the facts, G. posted some alarming messages in Turkish on his Facebook profile, including ‘Remember, you are guided to what you deserve’ and ‘Now everyone must think about what happened and what happened to us is.”

The couple’s neighbors reacted with shock on Monday. Victim Maria and suspect Ali were known to them as hard workers. According to a neighbor, Ali was always friendly.

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