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Donald Trump has paid $175 million in bail to appeal a fraud case. In this way he temporarily prevents the New York State authorities from seizing his assets.

Trump was found guilty of fraud in February. A New York court ruled that he may have exaggerated how much money he has to deceive investors and lenders.

The former American president was fined a total of $454 million. To appeal the ruling, he initially had to pay that amount as bail.

Last week, the court lowered the amount to $175 million. Trump had to pay that amount within ten days. The Republican met that condition with his payment on Monday.

If Trump loses the appeal, he will also have to pay the rest of the fine. If he wins, he gets his money back. It is not yet known when the appeal will be filed.

Posting the bail prevents prosecutors from seizing Trump’s accounts and assets. American media report that his Trump Tower in New York, his golf resort in Westchester and his Mar-a-Lago residence, among others, were on the list for seizure.

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  • 18 mrt 2024 om 18:31

    Trump kan boete van 454 miljoen dollar in fraudezaak niet ophoesten

  • 15 mrt 2024 om 23:27

    Strafzaak tegen Trump over zwijggeld Stormy Daniels dertig dagen uitgesteld

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