Celebrate Gimmick’s re-release with the soundtrack

Celebrate Gimmick’s re-release with the soundtrack
Celebrate Gimmick’s re-release with the soundtrack

21/9/22 07:03 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments

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PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One

When platformer Gimmick came out for the NES in 1992, after a fairly neutral reception in Japan and concerns about difficulty, it was decided not to release the game in America and Europe.

However, a lot has changed in the past thirty years and that’s why Gimmick will soon be released on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But before that, the soundtrack will be released here first. Not on CD, but given the age of the game on a stylishly chosen LP and cassette.

The Gimmick soundtrack will be sold through Ship to Shore and will contain twenty tracks. The Vinyl version costs $30, while the cassette is ready for $12. The tracklist can be found below:

side A
1. Good Morning
2. Happy Birthday
3. Good Weather
4. Slow Illusion
5. Paradigm
6. Lion Heart
7. Cadbury
8. Strange Memories of Death

side B
1. Apori
2. Identity Believer
3. Long Tomorrow
4. Just Friends
5. Sophia (Take 2)
6. Paradox
7. Innocent
8. No Limits
9. Siesta
10. Good Night (Take 2)
11. Evidence of My Life
12. Cadbury (Alternate)

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