Fix Apple Watch Ultra? That will cost you a lot of money!

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s ultimate smartwatch. It is a real powerhouse with an equally hefty price tag. It is better to be economical with it, because a repair really does not come cheap.

It was one of the biggest highlights of the iPhone 14 event: the Apple Watch Ultra. We first saw a smartwatch from the company that is completely different from its predecessor. The model is especially made for people who (do extreme sports). For example, there is a dive computer on it and it is extra sturdy because of the titanium case.

The pricey Apple Watch Ultra

The price of the Apple Watch Ultra is much higher than that of the regular version. For example, the Ultra costs 999 euros, while the Series 8 has a starting price of 499 euros. So you have to bring a lot of money for the more expensive clock. So you better be frugal with it.

The latter is now also apparent from data that have come into the hands of MacRumors. The medium has taken a look at the repair prices for the Apple Watch Ultra. Those are pretty hefty.

Let’s start with a part that is still relatively cheap to replace by Apple: the battery. Do you want a new battery in your smartwatch? Then you lose 99 dollars in the United States.

An ultra expensive repair. (Image: Apple)

An expensive repair

Do you have a problem with a part other than the battery? Then you can already take your wallet out of the pocket. For the repair of any other part you pay 499 euros dollars. So it does not matter whether this is, for example, the screen or a button. So you are even cheaper if you buy a brand new Apple Watch Series 8.

So if you go for the Apple Watch Ultra, it might be wise to take out AppleCare+, the company’s extra warranty. In the Netherlands this costs 119 euros. Incidentally, there is still a deductible.

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