The Last of Us Part I Review: Buy, Budget or Demolish?

The Last of Us Part I Review: Buy, Budget or Demolish?
The Last of Us Part I Review: Buy, Budget or Demolish?

In 2013, the PlayStation 3 was waved goodbye with arguably Naughty Dog’s magnum opus: The Last of Us. About a year later we got a polished version in the form of The Last of Us Remastered. Now seven years later we get another polished version with The Last of Us Part I. Is it worth €80? You can hear it in the review with Skate and Koos.

The remake comes with updated graphics

The game’s graphics engine has been given a major overhaul. As a result, the game has moved much more towards The Last of Us Part II, which of course looked beautiful on the PS5. The environments, characters and animations have all been given a fresh coat of paint. For a cinematic game like this it really makes the game better because the storytelling comes out so much better with these new facial animations and models. It will therefore often happen in the game that you stop to take some nice pictures in the photo mode.

Other improvements in TLOU Part I

However, we are not only dealing with updated graphics. There are fewer loading times, all cutscenes are now fully rendered in real-time instead of prerendered, smaller quality of life improvements and enemy AI that is now more similar to what we saw in part two. All in all, all these improvements feel minimal, especially when you compare it to the graphics upgrade. Things like level design also feel a bit dated in 2022. A shame, because the game deserves more.

The Last of Us Part I will be available September 2 exclusively on PlayStation 5. However, PC enthusiasts won’t have to wait too long for a release. If we are to believe the rumors, the PC version should come soon after the PS5 release. So fingers crossed!

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