USB trumps Thunderbolt 4 with twice the data speeds

USB 4 is now two years old, so it’s time for a successor, in the form of USB 4 Version 2. With transfer speeds of 80 Gbit/s, the standard is twice as fast as Version 1.

We have arrived again at the time of year when the USB IF (Implementers Forum) comes with updates to the USB standard. Two years ago, the USB IF introduced USB 4. This standard increased the maximum throughput of the USB port to 40 Gbit/s, the same speed that can be achieved via the Thunderbolt 3 standard. That was a conscious choice, by the way – with USB 4, manufacturers of USB cables were given the option to build in intercompatibility with Thunderbolt 3. With the USB 4 Version 2 standard, the speed of USB 4 is doubled to 80 Gbit/s, the USB IF announced on Thursday.

Transfer rate USB 4 Version 2

As is the case with USB 4 Version 1, the new specification of the USB standard only works on USB-c cables made for USB 4. The USB IF says the physical layer architecture has been modified to allow for the higher transfer rates . Exactly what adjustments were made at this point is still unknown. The organization did say that USB 4 Version 1 cables will also work at the higher throughput of 80 Gbit/s. A spokesperson confirmed this to The Verge. It is not known exactly how this will work.

It is striking that the USB 4 Version 2 standard also has an impact on the speed of USB 3.2 cables. The USB IF says that improved “data architecture” will soon allow the cables to reach more than 20 Gbit/s in throughput, the current maximum of USB 3.2.

In addition to the increased data rates, the standardization platform also reports that USB 4 Version 2 supports the latest versions of PCIe and DisplayPort. As a result, the standard can be used more widely, and it also offers advantages for connecting external monitors, for example.

Currently not available

The Implementers Forum has announced that the USB 4 Version 2 specification will be released in November. After that, it’s up to developers to get started with the standard. It is not yet known when the USB IF plans to release the standard for consumer applications. It is also unknown what name the standard will be given to the general public.

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