Countdown to the first Apple event of the year, this is what we expect


The first Apple event of this year is just around the corner. Apple’s keynote on Tuesday will focus on the iPad. These new iPads and accessories are expected.

Sunny California will host the first Apple presentation of 2024 on Tuesday at 4 p.m. The keynote is expected to last about an hour. You can watch it via YouTube, Apple’s website and the Apple TV app.

The big eye-catchers of the event seem to be the new iPad Pros, with screens of 11 and 12.9 inches. It’s high time, because since the 2018 models, hardly any major new upgrades have appeared in new iPad models.

OLED screens

The new iPad Pro will almost certainly have an OLED screen for the first time. That means a big boost in the brightness and contrast of the iPad screen with deeper black levels. A significant upgrade compared to the LCD screens of current models. In addition, both tablets are a lot thinner. The large version slims down 20 percent, while the smaller model becomes 15 percent thinner.

New M4 chips

Of course, it doesn’t stop there, because the new iPad Pros are said to be equipped with the latest generation of Apple’s M chip, the M4. It would be a big leap for the iPad Pro, because the current models still run on an M2 chip from 2022.

That is striking, because the M3 chip was only unveiled last October and normally Macs are at the forefront of the latest M chips. Whether it will be the M3 or the M4 for the new tablets, in both cases the device will be able to deliver high performance in the coming years.

Significantly more expensive?

The FaceTime camera, normally positioned in the middle, is rumored to be moving to the side. This offers a larger viewing angle, which is nice during video calling. You will not be put in a small virtual box.

Apple may be previewing some of the iPad Pro’s new AI capabilities, but the real reveal of the AI ​​features won’t happen until the annual WWDC developer conference in June. The question is how much the iPad Pro will cost. There are rumors going around about the price increases, but in any case expect prices to increase by at least 100 euros.

Larger iPad Air

In addition to the new iPad Pro, Apple is also launching a new version of the iPad Air. For the first time, that model will also have a large 12.9-inch variant in addition to the 10.9-inch version. According to Bloomberg, the new iPad Airs will have the M2 chip, which made its debut in the MacBook Air in 2022.

Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard

Also expected is the updated Apple Pencil with haptic feedback, which allows you to feel vibrations during certain actions. You’ll probably also be able to perform certain tasks by squeezing the Pencil.

The Magic Keyboard seems to be getting a major upgrade. The new keyboard is said to be made of aluminum, have a larger trackpad, and look more like a keyboard on a laptop.

And the other iPads?

According to Bloomberg, Apple is also working on a cheaper version of the 10th generation iPad, but that will not be released until the end of the year. A new iPad Mini is also not expected on Tuesday.

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