AMD introduces Ryzen Embedded 8000 line with integrated NPU – Computer – News

AMD introduces Ryzen Embedded 8000 line with integrated NPU – Computer – News
AMD introduces Ryzen Embedded 8000 line with integrated NPU – Computer – News

AMD has introduced the Ryzen Embedded 8000 SoCs. This is a line of four chipsets based on the AMD XDA architecture. The SoCs come with a Zen4 CPU, RDNA 3 GPU and a separate NPU for AI tasks. That NPU contains 16 peaks of computing power.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 line has four different models: the 8845HS, the 8645HS, the 8840U and the 8640U. According to AMD, the CPUs of these chipsets are all built on a 4nm architecture from TSMC and are based on the AMD Zen 4 architecture. Depending on the model, the computing cores contain six or eight computing cores with twelve or sixteen threads respectively.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 CPUs each come with 16MB of L3 cache memory. The GPUs of the chipsets are based on the RDNA 3 architecture and, depending on the model, support four to six work group processors or WGPs. The new processor line supports up to DDR5-5600 memory modules and twenty PCIe 4.0 lanes.

Every processor from this line comes with an npu. This contains a computing power of 16 tera operations per second, or TOPS. Thanks to neural processing unit AI tasks must be able to be processed more efficiently, without making too much demand on the chipset’s CPU or GPU, according to AMD. AMD also refers to open source libraries and an SDK with which the NPU can be controlled efficiently.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 chips support two USB 4 connections that also support DP Alt mode and have a Type C connector. The chips also come with a single USB 3.2 Gen2 connection at 10Gbit/s, with Type C connector and DP Alt mode, and a single USB 3.2 Gen 2 connection at 10Gbit/s and with probably a Type A connector. In addition, AMD also provides four USB 2.0 connections.

AMD’s press release shows that the company mainly focuses on the business world with these chips. AMD writes that the chips from the Ryzen Embedded 8000 line are scalable in many areas and, thanks to support for up to ten years, are also suitable for long-term projects.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 line

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