Google VPN adjusts Windows DNS settings

Google VPN adjusts Windows DNS settings
Google VPN adjusts Windows DNS settings

If you use Google’s VPN on a Windows PC, it is best to check the DNS settings. After all, these are consistently converted to Google’s, even when you are not using the VPN.

This concerns the VPN that Google includes with its Google One subscription. The VPN has also had a specific app for Windows for a year, but users complain that it is a bit too intrusive for your PC’s settings.

For example, users report that the app changes the settings in Windows so that the computer always connects via Google’s DNS servers, even when the VPN is not used. The app adjusts that setting for all network adapters.

This does not cause too many problems for average users. But people with a more complex network may experience technical problems. But there are also people who have a problem with it in principle and do not want all their traffic to go through Google servers for privacy reasons.
Ars Technica notes that a Google employee has already responded to a complaint on Github that this was done deliberately to prevent an incorrect DNS server from violating your privacy. But the company acknowledges that not everyone is happy with this and is considering addressing the problem in the future.

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