Rigaux surprises: Club Brugge top deal on the way

Rigaux surprises: Club Brugge top deal on the way
Rigaux surprises: Club Brugge top deal on the way

Bjorn Meijer is in the interest of Bologna, while Club Brugge anticipates and focuses on the South American market, with talks about the possible purchase of Ayrton Costa from Independiente.

Costa, known for his Argentinian temperament and versatility on the pitch, appears set for a move due to his current club’s financial problems. Dévy Rigaux, the Director of Football, could land Costa for an attractive price.

Club Brugge is preparing for the sale of Meijer

Although the Dutchman is having a bad season at Club Brugge, the foreign interest in Bjorn Meijer should not be surprising. Broker Stijn Francis has stated that Meijer is Club Brugge’s most interesting player internationally.

The last news wrote that Meijer, still only 21 years old, has the potential to generate a lot of money in the long term. It looks like Bologna are planning to make a big bet on him this summer.

According to various sources, the Serie A club is determined to sign Meijer. The current number four in Serie A, good for a Champions League ticket, would even make Meijer his absolute priority for the summer.

Club Brugge already seems to be preparing for his possible departure by gathering information from players such as Ayrton Costa of Independiente.

Rigaux’s connections: Club Brugge is going full steam ahead in the South American market

Club Brugge seems to be seriously looking for reinforcements from South America. After advanced talks with Estudiantes’ Zaid Romero, who could become the first Argentine player in the club’s history, it seems they have now set their sights on Ayrton Costa, also an Argentine.

If this deal goes through, Costa could possibly be the second Argentinean signing for Club Brugge.

The discussions about Costa are in an exploratory phase, with Club Brugge having inquired about the conditions for a possible transfer. Costa is said to be available for just under €2.5 million.

It is clear that Club Brugge is increasingly focusing on the Argentine talent market. Dévy Rigaux, the new Director of Football, has been intensively involved in the South American player market in recent years.

His experience and network in these regions enable him to operate effectively as a bridge builder between players and clubs. And now, as Director of Football, he makes optimal use of these contacts and knowledge.

Independiente urgently needs money: Costa in the shop window

Ayrton Costa is known for his fiery temperament and his strength in one-on-one situations. His playing style embodies the typical Argentine grinta, passion and winning mentality, which would make him, like his compatriot Zaid Romero, a valuable addition to the Club Brugge squad.

There are already whispers in Argentina that Costa may be experiencing his last months at Independiente. The club is struggling with financial obligations and is in urgent need of fresh capital to pay off these debts.

Selling players is seen as one of the solutions to alleviate the economic situation, and Costa is at the top of the list of transfer contenders.

With his age of 24, his versatility on the pitch – he can play as either a left back or a left centre-back – and his consistent performances throughout the season, he is considered one of the club’s most valuable assets with a great potential for a lucrative transfer.

Rigaux can overpower Independiente at the negotiating table

Both the Board of Directors and the people in his entourage have already received several requests about him, especially from abroad, more specifically from Mexico and Belgium, but nothing official yet.

However, it is expected that Ayrton Costa will soon leave Independiente, a development that Carlos Tevez, the club’s coach, must also take into account.

Although Costa has secured a regular starting place under Tevez and has played every match, his departure seems inevitable due to Independiente’s urgent financial need to sell players.

With this situation in mind, Dévy Rigaux’s negotiating skills can put him in a favorable position to acquire Costa at an attractive price. Perhaps even lower than the asking price of almost 2.5 million euros.

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