Silent Hill 2 Remake has received ESRB rating, will the launch date be announced soon?


The remake of Silent Hill 2 seems to have come one step closer. The most recently released trailer for Silent Hill 2 revealed that the game is scheduled for release in the current year and this still appears to be the schedule. The game has been certified by the ESRB.

The ESRB describes Silent Hill 2 as “a horror adventure game where players step into the shoes of a man who returns to a mysterious village while haunted by his past. In a third-person perspective, players explore Silent Hill, interact with characters and battle people and creatures (such as Pyramid Head, mannequins and monsters)’.

The ESRB also goes into more detail in substantiating the given Mature rating. For example, characters will be impaled and suffocated and there will be scenes in a strip club. It is not very surprising that the game has received this rating, as it is the same rating that the original received in 2001.

Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released this year for PlayStation 5 and PC. When do you think we’ll hear more about the game?

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