‘New Apple Watch will give warning in case of drowning’


The Apple Watch is a useful tool when you go swimming, for example for keeping track of your calories, the number of laps you swim and more. But if it were up to Apple, the Apple Watch would also save people who get into trouble while swimming in the future. In an extensive patent, Apple describes how a device such as a smartwatch can warn others of a possible drowning.

Drowning detection on Apple Watch?

Some swimming pools already have a safety system in place, for example with cameras, that can warn pool users of a possible drowning. But such a system is not always feasible or practical, for example in a lake or along the sea. In the patent, Apple describes how sensors on a smartwatch such as an Apple Watch can recognize a possible drowning. For example, there may be unusual swimming behavior while swimming, which may indicate a possible drowning. Or the smartwatch recognizes certain heart problems during a swimming workout, resulting in a possible drowning.

All these signals can be picked up, after which a kind of alarm system is activated. The Apple Watch can warn nearby devices of a possible drowning, for example with tactile, visible and audible signals. Because bystanders are informed at an early stage of a possible drowning, action can be taken quickly. Speed ​​is of vital importance in the event of a possible drowning. Such a drowning detection on an Apple Watch can therefore be life-saving.

More measures to save your life

This possible future feature fits in with many other features that the Apple Watch already has. The Apple Watch already has accident detection and fall detection and can warn you of a high or low heart rate. Apple also regularly highlights these functions, for example when announcing a new Apple Watch. Apple says it regularly receives messages from users thanking Apple for saving their lives with the help of the Apple Watch. Also read our guide to Apple features that could save your life.

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