Samsung really seems to be going for more Fold models


Samsung appears to be planning to release multiple variants of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 this year. There were already rumors that this was the case, but now there is a new leak that really makes it even clearer.


That leak comes from GalaxyClub, which writes that the model number of the device is SM-F958. That also fits perfectly with the history of code names at Samsung, because Galaxy Z Fold 5 was made under the name SM-F946 and Fold 4 SM-F936. It all doesn’t seem very exciting, but people are focused on that 8 at the end: that has always been an Ultra model in the past. Galaxy S24 Ultra, for example, is codenamed SM-S928.

It seems to be the ultimate proof that Samsung does indeed want to go in several directions with its Fold: on the one hand, the side of a standard device, on the other hand, the side of an Ultra. And that cheaper variant of the foldable flagship that was previously mentioned in rumors? That really doesn’t seem to be happening. There will probably soon be two flavors of Galaxy Z Fold 6: the regular and the Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra

However, don’t celebrate too early if you are interested in the Ultra: an N is often added and that would mean that the device will only be released in South Korea, the brand’s home country. We will probably only know for sure how it works in July, because then Samsung would unveil its foldable devices.

We are very pleased with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. In our review, Claudia wrote: “One of the most striking aspects of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is its ability to multitask. With two large AMOLED screens, improved software and useful features such as Multi window view and Hidden pop-up, this phone offers an intuitive way to manage multiple apps and tasks at the same time. The S Pen also contributes to this, but the stylus is on the pricey side. In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 now closes completely, the battery life is simply good and it can last for years thanks to the excellent update policy.” However, it does lack some innovation: who knows, it might turn out well with a Fold 6 Ultra.

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