Putin wants Russia to make its own game consoles

Putin wants Russia to make its own game consoles
Putin wants Russia to make its own game consoles

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed his government to see whether it is possible to revive an extensive gaming industry in Russia. Putin wants to create its own domestic market for gaming after international companies have withdrawn from Russia since the war in Ukraine.

The domestic gaming industry would not only focus on creating Russian games, but also on producing its own game consoles.

However, Putin’s initiative is mainly seen as a sham to give the impression that Russia can do it without foreign companies. After all, similar initiatives had already been announced previously and little came of them.

Experts on the ground also point out that Russia simply does not have the knowledge and infrastructure to set up its own gaming industry, especially when game consoles should also be part of it. For example, their production already requires advanced chips, which Russia cannot access due to sanctions. The same sanctions that prompted Putin to take this initiative are also the sanctions that prevent it from being realized.

If the Russian government indeed considers it possible to set up an internal Russian gaming industry, experts say it could take up to 10 years before everything is properly set up.

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