Will your iPhone or iPad still get the next major update?


The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system is coming this fall, for both the iPhone and iPad. However, according to new reports, some models will no longer be supported. Below you can read whether your device is still eligible for such an upgrade.

If you own an iPad 6th generation or an iPad Pro 2nd generation, then unfortunately we have bad news for you. It appears these iPad models will no longer be supported by Apple in the next major update to iPadOS later this year, 9to5Mac reports. This means that iPadOS version 17 is the end point for these models.

Which iPads are supported?

If you’re reading this article on an iPad, iPad Mini, or iPad Air released in 2019 or later, you’re in luck. You could upgrade these iPads from iPadOS 17 to 18. And if you have an iPad Pro from 2018, you are still just within the limit of such an upgrade.

What about iPhones?

Good news for iPhone owners: the latest version of iOS will be made available for the same devices that already run iOS 17. If you have an iPhone that previously could not be upgraded to iOS 17, this will not be possible for iOS 18. If you would still like to upgrade, you can compare your current device with newer models via Apple’s latest online tool.

How can I be sure?

Not sure which version you’re using these days? Then go to your settings > General > About > iOS version. If you see at least number 17 there, you can assume that your device will also support iOS 18. You may of course have to free up some storage space first, but that is less annoying than purchasing a new device.

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