these are all smartwatches with esim support


More and more smart watches are being sold and more and more models are coming onto the market with support for an ESIM. But which brands already offer such watches and which type should you have?

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The choice is increasing: smartwatches with e-SIM

We see an electronic SIM card in a smartphone more and more often, but such an ESIM is also on the rise in smartwatches. You can already take out a special subscription with various providers, so you can always be reached with your smart watch. If you are a customer of KPN, Odido or Vodafone and you already have a subscription for your smartphone there, you can request an e-SIM for your watch, provided it has support for this on board.

Just like with smartphones, more and more models are coming onto the market that can handle this. This way you can simply call from your wrist while your phone is at home, but WhatsApp is also possible. With a watch with ESIM on your wrist you can simply exercise, go out for an evening or take a walk while you are always available on the same telephone number.

The nice thing about such a SIM card is that it is not a physical piece of plastic that you can lose. To use an ESIM, you often quickly and easily scan a QR code that you receive from your provider and it is activated within a few minutes.

Be careful, because providers often offer their esims in combination with a smartwatch with only a few models. If you buy a separate smartwatch with ESIM support elsewhere or, for example, a model from the previous generation, it may not work fully in combination with your provider.

Esim on a smartwatch: these are the options

Many smart watches are released every year, but there are far fewer than mobile phones. The range of smartwatches with e-SIM support is therefore also a lot smaller. In this overview we have listed the most recent models from different manufacturers for you.


Samsung and esim go very well together and smartwatches with support for such a SIM card are also on the shelves of providers.


Huawei offers some models with support for ESIM, but they are not offered by providers themselves. So you will have to purchase a watch separately and arrange a digital SIM card with your provider.

Huawei Watch GT4


Both watches from Google itself are also available as an ESIM version, but you will also have to arrange a separate e-SIM with your provider to use it.

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Other brands

Then there are a handful of other brands that also market or have launched an LTE smartwatch. In no particular order, below you will find some models from brands such as Fossil, Mobvoi and Xiaomi.

Do you have a watch with an e-SIM and what do you use it for? Do you really leave your phone at home and which provider do you have a subscription with? Do you think it’s worth the money or do you want to say something else? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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