Charleroi coach Rik De Mil with a very sharp note towards the Westerlo board in the case surrounding the match against Genk – Football News


On Tuesday, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office met in the case surrounding the salon draw between KVC Westerlo and KRC Genk. Rik De Mil spoke for a long time and made a very passionate plea. He also spoke about the board of KVC Westerlo.

It became a very fervent plea from Rik De Mil to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office. He took the floor and also targeted the board of Westerlo. Were they looking for a way to throw Charleroi’s current coach out?

“I joined Westerlo with one assignment: the rescue. When I arrived, you felt that everyone was completely separated. Step by step we rebuilt that and that led to results. We got out of a precarious situation, until we only needed one point,” De Mil said The last news.

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“Suddenly we lost three games apart. Do you think that the stress or pressure from the managers will decrease? No, it will increase. It is not simple for a coach who does not always field the players that should be fielded (according to the management, ed.).”

Did my own thinking and talked to the Westerlo board

“Because what happens to a coach who loses three times in a row and does his own thinking? Well, I have remained correct towards all my players,” he gave an impassioned plea. He further indicated that discussions were held with the directors of Westerlo during the week.

And that he only had to watch his own match and focus on that. So getting that point was paramount, not looking at the (heavy loss of) Charleroi and the rescue that was already a fact. De Mil goes for the acquittal.

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