Drama for Antwerp: next strongman in the rags?

Drama for Antwerp: next strongman in the rags?
Drama for Antwerp: next strongman in the rags?

The play-offs could hardly have started worse for Antwerp, which immediately lost 1-0 to Anderlecht. To make matters worse, the outgoing national champion did not emerge unscathed in the Lotto Park. On the contrary.

Goalkeeper Jean Butez suffered an injury that will keep him out for the rest of the season. In addition, Owen Wijndal received a red card, which means he may be on the penalty bench for the next match against KRC Genk.

Worried about Janssen

After Wijndal’s exclusion, Mark van Bommel actually brought in Vincent Janssen, who was playing a strong game, to make tactical adjustments. The fact that he had already been fined seemed to be the main reason for that choice.

Afterwards, however, his coach came up with a striking explanation, because he apparently decided for another reason not to take a risk with his compatriot. After all, it turns out that he is still not completely fit after his recent ankle injury.

Out against Genk?

“The yellow card had nothing to do with it. In any case, the intention was to replace him at half time and let him only play one half, that was the plan before the match. If you know what he has during the week done…”, Van Bommel noted.

The last news therefore fears for the fitness of Janssen, one of the absolute key figures at the Bosuil. “There is clearly more going on with him than Van Bommel wants to admit,” it sounds. Wondering whether the striker and midfielder will start on Saturday.

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