Heavy fire at Central Station in Antwerp, fire service asks to keep windows and doors closed (Antwerp)

A fire broke out in Antwerp on Friday morning in an empty building near Antwerp Central station. That is what the Antwerp Fire Brigade Zone says, which calls on people to avoid the station environment until further notice so that the emergency services can do their job. The message is to take another entrance to the station or choose Antwerp-Berchem.

Source: BELGA

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Fire Brigade Zone Antwerp, the Antwerp police and the emergency services turned out en masse to the Vestingstraat on Friday morning. “We received a call at 5:44 this morning that there was a blazing fire in an enclosed property behind several homes. The call came in as a roof fire, but quickly escalated to a full house fire,” said Marie De Clercq, spokesperson for Fire Brigade Zone Antwerp.

The fire brigade tries to extinguish the fire, but it is difficult because the building is completely enclosed by other buildings. The Pelikaanstraat and the Vestingstraat are completely closed to all traffic, the Diamantwijk is difficult to reach. The entrances and exits at Central Station are also closed in Pelikaanstraat.

“It was a complex fire to extinguish, which is why a lot of resources were required. We are here with different teams to ensure that the incident is handled as smoothly as possible,” said the spokeswoman.

A BE-Alert was also sent. “Avoid the area. Close windows and doors and turn off the ventilation.” The Antwerp World Diamond Center also calls on all employees on Friday not to come to the office until further notice.

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