Microsoft aligns business goals and employees with Viva

Microsoft announces novelties for Microsoft Viva. The new functions should give employees the means to get through economically uncertain times.

Hybrid working is driving the mindset of employees and business leaders further apart, according to Microsoft’s just-published Work Trend Index Pulse report. The tech giant hopes to reverse this trend by releasing new features on Microsoft Viva.

Viva is a well-being platform for employees that saw the light of day during the full corona period. The platform comprises the following four formulas: Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Topics. Each part serves its own purpose.

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New apps

In any case, two applications are already launching among the novelties: Viva Pulse and Viva Amplify. The first app gives managers and business leaders the tools to collect feedback on a regular basis. Various templates can be found to fill in the question series, as well as series of questions that were drawn up on the basis of research.

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The second app is a tool for business leaders to get their message across clearly and consistently. All messages are stored centrally, but can also be sent to different platforms at the same time. Furthermore, a writing assistant is present and the manager collects metrics that can reinforce the next message. Messages can be sent in various SharePoint, Outlook, Yammer and later also in third party apps.

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AI help and communicate

Answers in Viva uses AI to find the right person within the company for employees who have questions. People in Viva also uses AI capabilities, but creates a profile for each employee that lists the interests, areas of expertise and team goals of that person. This should encourage spontaneous conversations in the hallway between colleagues. The profiles can be viewed on Microsoft 365 and in a brand new app.

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Then there is already a novelty for Viva Engange. That is a platform that stole its appearance from Facebook to encourage more mutual interactions and that can be found in Microsoft Teams. The new feature for the platform is called Leadership Corner. As the name implies, business leaders can be found there, they must be accessible for the staff to exchange ideas and perspectives.

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Integration into other platforms

Then there are even deeper integrations to better utilize the possibilities of Microsoft Viva. Viva Goals thus integrates with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project, becomes an extension of Azure DevOps and a capability in Power BI datasets. The position should also inform employees about the company’s goals and align projects with these goals.

There will also be better integration between Viva Leaning and LinkedIn Learning. Employees can now easily view the teaching materials that can be found online in Teams. In addition, the platform on Teams better keeps track of which courses the employee still needs to view and which have already been completely browsed.

General appearance

Microsoft adds that the Viva Connections home page will have a new look. Viva apps will then be found in one central location. At the same time, the Viva briefing e-mail will be given a new look and more substantive information will be available in the messages with recommendations tailored to the individual.

All new features will gradually be found in Microsoft Viva at the beginning of 2023. From October 3, the Viva Sales platform will be launched for sales employees. It is a completely new platform in which CRM, Microsoft 365 and Teams come together. Read all about it in the article.

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