Known Tiktokker is in jail for prostitution with underage teenage girls

Known Tiktokker is in jail for prostitution with underage teenage girls
Known Tiktokker is in jail for prostitution with underage teenage girls

The hard fall of the Limburg TikTokster.

TikTokker Glen Van Ranst (29) handed out ten thousand sanitary towels to women in poverty last year. He has recently been jailed.

“Glen Van Ranst” (29) is one of Limburg’s most famous TikTokkers. After he was previously convicted of dealing hard drugs, the twenty-something from Beringen is now definitively falling off his pedestal. He was arrested after he pushed at least four underage teenage girls into prostitution, according to the court.

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Ten thousand sanitary napkins. This is how many pieces Glen Van Ranst – real name Glen W. (29) handed out to women in poverty in December last year. He looked like a vlogging Saint Nicholas. “Learning to share with each other makes you happier than you think”, was his motto. The twenty-something is extremely popular on TikTok, with 66,000 followers and one and a half million likes. A vlogger whose name every Limburg teenager knows. Everything he asks of his followers is happily granted by hundreds of young people.

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Brawl and deal

Learning to share that he so fondly refers to, on the other hand, is not in line with his criminal track record. For example, Glen W. was sentenced to twelve months in prison for dealing cannabis, speed and homemade GHB at a party. Goal: make money. The vlogger from Beringen had previously been convicted of beating and robbing a bar-goer who had just won at the bingo machine. “My childhood did not go as it should, but I am happy that I ended up well in the end,” he said in one of his many vlogs.

Rape, prostitution, human trafficking

He has recently been jailed, the Limburg prosecutor’s office confirms. That on suspicion of very serious sexual offenses with minors. Glen W. is said to have driven (at least) four young women into prostitution. He contacted them, manipulated them and finally forced them to have sex with older men.

Glen W. is under investigation for alleged rape, human trafficking and incitement to prostitution. Two of the victims are said to have reached the age of majority in the meantime. It is not known whether he confesses or denies the facts. The investigating judge has already placed him under an arrest warrant. His lucrative existence as a popular vlogger seems to be over for good. His social media channels are shut down, his empire is out.

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