Wandering wolf killed in Zoersel

Wandering wolf killed in Zoersel
Wandering wolf killed in Zoersel


The wolf was seen in Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor in recent days. — © rr

The young wolf that had been roaming from Hoogstraten to Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor and Zoersel for the past four days was killed. Welcome Wolf confirms this.

The young wolf was spotted this morning in Antwerp North and Schilde. A man driving to work early in the morning came across him in Antwerp North. Photos showed that the animal was walking in the direction of Zoersel.

However, on Friday afternoon things went wrong in Zoersel and the wolf was killed on the Kwikaard. Welcome Wolf confirms the news via a press release.

“Although the animal managed to make optimal use of our infrastructure by moving via bridges and cycle paths, the dense road network in heavily built-up Flanders proved fatal. The wolf was hit by a car in Zoersel this afternoon and did not survive,” says Welcome Wolf.

She-wolf smelled

The same wolf was spotted in Brecht on Wednesday morning, also in built-up areas. He was also spotted near the E10 lake and then walked back. He probably smelled she-wolf Emma, ​​who lives across the E19 near the Groot Schietveld.

On Thursday, the wolf appeared at the A12/E19 traffic interchange in Antwerp North. The animal stood on the roadside and hesitated to cross, but retraced its steps. Apparently he then turned back to Schilde, after which he traveled on to Zoersel.

The Opglabbeek Nature Assistance Center picked up the animal. “Further research will now be conducted into, among other things, the origins. The wolf can come from the Netherlands, France, Germany or the Ardennes. But it could just as easily be a yearling from Noëlla and August’s Limburg wolf pack. The latter also died last summer in a collision.”

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