Will an ‘agreement’ be reached in the play-downs? “No way” – Football news

Will an ‘agreement’ be reached in the play-downs? “No way” – Football news
Will an ‘agreement’ be reached in the play-downs? “No way” – Football news

It is also extremely exciting in the play-downs. Charleroi has already been saved, but two teams are still fighting for second place and the associated chance to maintain themselves. RWDM-Charleroi is already being played today and after that a lot will be clear for KV Kortrijk.

That second place will be extremely important. RWDM has the best credentials, but after their win in the mutual match against the Brussels team last week, KV Kortrijk’s hopes have also flared up again.

Although the West Flemish people must hope that the Carolos who have already been rescued will not soon make an agreement with RWDM. “It will go as it goes on Saturday afternoon in RWDM-Charleroi. We have no control over it,” said Kortrijk coach Freyr Alexandersson.

“I can only say that I would be very surprised that Charleroi would do things differently than in the previous matches. The coach, the staff, the players are professionals with top qualities. They always want to win, right? No, I’m not worried about that.”

Kortrijk can also host a less motivated Eupen. If RWDM wins, they are already certain of relegation. “I can only say that I know two guys there who I know always want to win.”

Kortrijk has not yet won against Eupen this season. “I’m just watching the recent Eupen-Kortrijk match. We defended well, we had plenty of chances to win, we also scored but we gave it away towards the end due to an individual error. We were not yet sufficiently ready to play because of the three-week break. But now it’s different: we play in Kortrijk, with our audience behind us. And I can assure you: the boys are hungry.”

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