4Gamers – HANDS-ON PREVIEW | Indie Flash

4Gamers – HANDS-ON PREVIEW | Indie Flash
4Gamers – HANDS-ON PREVIEW | Indie Flash

In TerraTech Worlds from developer Payload Studios you explore the world with a small robot where you sit behind the wheel. In the open world you have to survive by collecting resources, but also building a base.

The game contains a number of different aspects that you can perform with your robot. This way you can craft some items on your robot, but you can also complete quests. The quests provide guidance to make progress in the game, because there really isn’t much more to do in this early access.

You can expand your robot with novelties that you can find in the game world, but you can also craft. This way you can put new lasers on the robot or more battery and storage capacity. Weapons can also be added, because there are also enemy robots driving around that would love to kill you. The fights are fairly simple and one-sided, because you quickly do more damage than the opponents.

You have to pay attention when putting together your robot so that you find a good balance in mobility, but also weight. If you have more weight at the rear, your robot will weigh more on this side, which can make driving around more difficult. Expanding your robot is simple in design, but not always easy to implement due to the camera.

The camera was also our biggest enemy during base building, because you are quickly thwarted when placing items in the world. For example, we were occasionally allowed to drive around further to place certain blocks. You can expand the basics and provide the opportunity to automate things, so that you can make faster progress. Of course you have to collect resources and we found this a bit of a grind. It is already a bit better compared to the release, but some things still take a long time for little progress.

Visually, the title doesn’t look special, although the soundtrack you hear in the background is pleasant to drift off to. The user interface is another matter, because we actually found it very complicated to perform certain actions and we still need some work here.

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