Person infected with bird flu from a cow in United States

Person infected with bird flu from a cow in United States
Person infected with bird flu from a cow in United States

A person has tested positive for bird flu after being infected by a dairy cow in the United States. This was announced by the authorities of the American state of Texas. The virus had infected herds in Texas, Kansas and several other states in recent weeks.

“The patient reported redness of the eyes as the only symptom and is recovering,” authorities said on Friday. The person was isolated and treated with an antiviral drug used against the flu.

Authorities indicate that the contamination does not increase the risk to the American population. That is considered “low”. A case was also identified in 2022, but it was an infection from poultry.

Experts are concerned about the increasing number of mammals becoming infected with bird flu. The possibility of the virus spreading between mammals is particularly worrying, although infections in humans are very rare.

Texas authorities also stated that the infection from cattle does not raise concerns about marketing milk. Dairies destroy the milk from sick cows and pasteurization kills viruses. Affected dairies are also being helped to limit the exposure of their staff and to monitor and test those who work with infected livestock.

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