Gmail tightens spam rules – Data News

Gmail tightens spam rules – Data News
Gmail tightens spam rules – Data News

Starting this month, Google will take stricter action against mass mailers who do not comply with a number of rules. They risk receiving error messages or ending up directly in spam.

The rules were already announced last year but will come into effect on April 1. They apply to everyone, but Google is extra strict for those who send more than five thousand messages per day to Gmail accounts. For example, it wants bulk mailers to set up email verification with SPF and DKIM, among other things.

Those two must make it difficult to email on behalf of someone else. In short, SPF ensures that spammers do not send emails on behalf of your domain. DKIM makes it possible for receiving servers to check whether an email really comes from a specific domain.

Impersonating another sender is therefore strictly prohibited from now on. For example, for direct mail the sender must be the same as that of the SPF domain.

Unsubscribe more easily

The guidelines also go a little further than purely technical matters. For example, marketing messages must now have the option to unsubscribe with one click and this unsubscription must be arranged within two days. It also recommends adding an email address only after that address has been confirmed, and unsubscribing users who do not read messages.

Google has listed all the requirements. Until June, you as a sender will receive warnings if you as a sender are not in compliance. From then on you risk that ‘wrong’ messages will be rejected or end up in the spam box.

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