Bart De Pauw wants to agree to remain polite to each other

Bart De Pauw wants to agree to remain polite to each other
Bart De Pauw wants to agree to remain polite to each other

Asks to ‘stay polite’ after documentary broadcast

Bart De Pauw, television maker

“Can we agree to be polite to each other?” Television maker Bart De Pauw posted this on Instagram. He writes about the hate messages he receives after the broadcast of the first episode of the much-discussed documentary series The process that no one wanted, in which some of De Pauw’s victims have their say. “I photograph all hate messages, I report them and delete them,” it says. “How else can we take the next step? Do we want to continue in a positive way or do we continue to dredge?”

4T4 leaves ‘t Hof van Commerce after 26 years

Kristof Michiels, DJ

Fans of the hip-hop group ‘t Hof van Commerce received good and bad news last weekend. The good news: a new album is on the way. The bad news: ‘t Hof continues as a duo. “Just like in the early days,” said Flip Kowlier and Serge ‘Levrancier’ Buyse. After all, DJ 4T4 is leaving the group, he announced on ‘t Hof’s Instagram page. He now wants to focus on other projects. “It was 26 fantastic years with a truckload of bucket list moments that I will never forget. Thank you Serge, thank you Flip, thank you everyone I worked with, thank you fans.”

Fed up with all the online criticism

Lizzo, American singer

“I no longer get respect and am judged by people who don’t even know me. I didn’t sign up for this. I quit.” This is how American singer Lizzo ends her message on Instagram. It is not entirely clear what exactly she stops doing. What she has had enough of, namely online criticism and ridicule of her body. Lizzo came under fire a few months ago after some of her backup dancers filed a complaint for sexual misconduct and creating a “sexually charged and uncomfortable work environment.”

Confirms end of ‘Flemish Posh and Becks’

Carl Hoefkens, ex-footballer and trainer

“It is true that Vanessa and I are getting divorced.” That’s what Carl Hoefkens says The last news. The former football player and trainer also tells the newspaper that he now has a new girlfriend, who “chooses to stay out of the media”. It means that one of the most mediatized marriages in Belgian football comes to an end. Hoefkens and his almost ex-wife were married for 23 years, have two children and were described about twenty years ago as the Flemish ‘Posh and Becks’, referring to Spice Girl Posh and David Beckham.

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