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Yesterday, today and tomorrow is the weekend of Metropool Open Air in Hertme. Three top concerts that were all sold out quickly. Tonight it’s Floor Jansen’s turn, Suzan & Freek will come on Sunday afternoon, while the kick-off was given on Friday evening by Davina Michelle.

For the 26-year-old it was the first time in the Open Air Theater. But afterwards everyone quickly agreed, this will certainly not be the last time.

Although the wildly enthusiastic audience had to have the necessary patience before it came to that. Her performance started an hour later than planned. Fortunately, singer-songwriter Chris Engbers provided the entertaining support act and effortlessly filled the waiting time. ”Nice music, but of course we come for Davina!” says an enthusiastic and impatient fan. And at 9 p.m. it’s really time.

Hit after hit

Moments later, a compelling show unfolds, in which she sings her hits Het Duurt Te Lang and Hyper, but there is also room for new songs. For example, her latest release No Angel was also discussed. The music lovers thoroughly enjoyed it. Also when, to top it off, a harp was driven onto the stage, which was played with great verve by the young Noah.

After an hour it was unfortunately over. “Quite short, but we’ll definitely go again!” says one. “We hope she comes back on stage for one last song. Because we want to hear more from her!”, said another. As said, tonight the party in Hertme will continue with Floor Jansen. Best known for her portrayal of Panthom of the Opera in the Best Singers. (RH/MK)

Davina Michelle in Hertme

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