NPO 3FM lobbies with planes in Poland and the UK for Joost Klein


Radio station NPO 3FM flew planes over Poland, Austria and the United Kingdom that trailed the text “. A car also drove through the city of Malmö with the same text on it. The images were shared on social media. Joost Klein also herself shared the images on Instagram.

It turned out to be an initiative of 3FM DJ Wijnand Speelman, he announced on Friday in the morning show. “At 3FM we are so incredibly proud of Joost. We want to support him in his Eurovision Song Contest dream in every possible way,” said the 3FM DJ. “With the morning show team, we have thought about how we can mobilize the whole of Europe to vote for Joost during the Eurovision Song Contest. In the utmost secrecy, we have arranged planes to fly to various places in Europe. It would be fantastic if we could do something with that. contribute to the number of votes for Joost during the Eurovision Song Contest final.”

Joost Klein will be fifth in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. The Dutch entry must enter after openers Sweden, Ukraine, Germany and Luxembourg and immediately before the much-discussed entry from Israel. Favorites Switzerland, Croatia and France are in the final stages of the final.

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