Listening figures week 13: Another penny change between NPO Radio 2 and Qmusic at the top, Sky Radio reach leader


NPO Radio 2 has been doing good business since the departure of Wouter van der Goes and Frank van ‘t Hof and the associated programmatic changes, including a fixed program for Eddy Keur on Friday afternoon. They are increasingly at the top of the listening figures measurement, at least in terms of market share.

The largest in range is Sky Radio last week, with over 4 million unique listeners. The station continues to have a problem in listening time, drops to 76, which means the station also loses 0.5% market share.

The biggest problem in listening time is with 3FM last week, from 82 to 68 minutes, which may indicate that there is still no clear direction in music policy or disc jockeys who are not very careful with the content offered and mainly chat about it.

The increase at 538 persevere and the other Talpa radio station Radio 10 still has a nice market share of, how appropriate, 10 percent, partly thanks to all the 80’s violence.

Radio Veronica climbs out of the valley a little bit thanks to their ten working days long 90’s list and the accompanying advertising along the highways, but it doesn’t last. A lot of listeners and some extra listening time, so it’s back above the 2% market share. They did this one 90’s Top 1000 only half-baked, without the morning show and the evening/weekend/night programming participating, during the day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is clear that direct competitor JOE and NPO Radio 2 and 5 were not bothered by it at all, they even rose last week, alone Radio 10 drops a little. While in the second week of the Veronica list the top part could be heard and therefore the best songs.

In the successful times of Radio Veronica (with a 6% market share) the charts could be heard all day long, including nights and weekends, and as a service to listeners who could not listen during the day, the list was moved back in the evening. And of course there were more famous deejays who could also sell the 90’s list better, because they were already on national radio in those years. As we see in this photo, the current generation of Veronica deejays seems mainly concerned with entertaining the handful of people watching the webcam, ‘look at me being a happy egg’:

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