DGTL24: Marlon Hoffstadt drives DGTL to ecstasy on Sunday

DGTL24: Marlon Hoffstadt drives DGTL to ecstasy on Sunday
DGTL24: Marlon Hoffstadt drives DGTL to ecstasy on Sunday

And while it was still raining rays of sunshine in the afternoon on the second day of DGTL, the traditional opening of the festival season. Then stroll around the grounds while the festival is still getting underway, past the DGTL Dome, a funny dome where DJs perform twenty-minute lightning sets. And oh yes, pop into the sex bus, where Sex Education experts will have conversations about content, sex toys and other matters (‘You are great!!! Thanks for the dick tips’, says a note in the visitors register). And so you learn something else: a deflowering, did you know that it would be better to call it a ‘sexual debut’?

There are also a lot of, er, DGTL debutants on the line-up: Nick Léon & Bitter Babe from Miami, for example. They both released killer dancefloor weapons on TraTraTrax, the progressive Colombian label that fuses South American rhythms with the world of house and techno, and their set totally reflects that. While sharing a joint, they spin among the tropical plants in the greenhouse. They play quite adventurously, from bassier stuff to boot-shaking rhythms with four-to-the-floorkicks underneath, and it really pays off to do their own thing here.

Also a cool discovery: Ahadadream, a Pakistani-British guy who has been releasing killer percussive bangers for a while now, including a Skrillex collab that’s already been played by everyone from Four Tet to Martin Garrix (?!). No, it’s not really busy at the Filter, but the handful of dance floor nerds at the front left know this exactly, and go completely crazy when that ‘TAKATAKATAKATAKA’ sounds through the tent. TUNE.

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