Antwerp film producer Rami Jaber suspected of fraud for millions of euros, hundreds of victims in 11 different countries (Antwerp)


41-year-old Prince Rami Jaber Al Husseini ran a film company RNG Films on the Eilandje in Antwerp. — © rr


The 41-year-old Prince Rami Jaber Al Husseini, official film producer, actor and friend of the Hollywood stars, is in prison on the Antwerp Begijnenstraat. Financial investigators from FGP Antwerp arrested the filmmaker together with another suspect for millions of euros in fraud and fraud with crypto coins in eleven different countries. Prince Rami Jaber ran a film company on the Eilandje in Antwerp.

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The American action film ‘The Misfits’, in which Prince Rami Jaber Al Husseini plays a leading role, appeared in our Belgian cinemas last year. Despite the fantastic cast including James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and Nick Cannon, the reviews in the Low Countries were not very favorable. The film production will not have to count on a sequel with actor Prince Rami Jaber for the time being, he has been in prison in the Antwerp Begijnenstraat since Tuesday.

Prince Rami Jaber grew up in Palestinian Jerusalem, where he made a career as a rally racer and stuntman. He spent most of his time in Finland, but his film company RNG Films is located on the Eilandje in Antwerp. He said he ended up there because his family was active in the diamond sector.

Prince Rami Jaber in action with Pierce Brosnan. — © rr

Together with another Antwerp suspect, he was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of fraud through investments in cryptocurrencies, shares or foreign currencies. Prince Rami Jaber and his companion approached their victims on various reputable investment platforms and promised huge profits in a short time. In order to invest, their victims deposited large amounts into the accounts of the “brokers”, but their investment did not materialize.

Millions of euros of fraud

The European agency Eurojust speaks of more than a hundred victims in eleven different countries and millions of euros of fraud. For example, in Germany, where half of the victims are located, the investments were estimated at no less than 4.3 million euros via the fraudulent platforms. The suspects had at least 700,000 euros deposited into their own accounts.

The European police service Europol coordinated the judicial investigation between Belgium, Latvia, Finland and Germany. This resulted on Tuesday morning in twelve house searches and the arrest of the two Antwerp suspects.

Prince Rami Jaber has already appeared in Finnish court twice for fraud and tax evasion. The trial at the end of 2021 was ultimately canceled because Al Husseini was untraceable. The United Arab Emirates are also investigating Prince Rami Jaber Al Husseini.

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