Belgium is looking forward to the first royal wedding in eight years

Belgium is looking forward to the first royal wedding in eight years
Belgium is looking forward to the first royal wedding in eight years

Next weekend it’s time: the first Belgian royal wedding in eight years. What exactly can we expect now that Princess Maria Laura is getting married?

September 10

A few more nights of sleep for the princess bride: on Saturday 10 September, Princess Maria Laura of Belgium will marry her William Isvy in the Cathedral of Saint Michel and Saint Gudula in Brussels. “My husband and I are really looking forward to our daughter,” Princess Astrid said during a press conference about the royal wedding. “It is a very big event for us.”

Although the newlyweds work and live in London, they have chosen a Belgian wedding. “It was important for Laura to get married in Brussels, because she was born and raised here,” explains Princess Astrid. “She loves her city.”

Royal guest list

If you do rent a large cathedral for your wedding ceremony, then you better fill it well. It is said that about 500 guests attend the wedding. Including, of course, a lot of Belgian royals, such as King Filip and Queen Mathilde. The witnesses of Princess Maria Laura are her younger sisters Princess Luisa and Princess Laetitia.

It is not yet known which foreign royals will sit in the pews. The ceremony in the town hall will be a lot more intimate: only 35 family members and friends are allowed to attend.

Wedding dress and tiara

What we are always most curious about: where does the royal bride appear? Which designer designed her dress? Which tiara sparkles on her head? That will remain a strict secret until Saturday, but Princess Astrid says that her daughter has “chosen the dress carefully.” Which makes us none the wiser…

Son-in-law William

Princess Astrid is already overjoyed with her soon-to-be son-in-law, the British-French-Moroccan-Jewish William. “I understand my daughter Laura more and more, with all the enormous qualities of William. He is brave, sturdy, hardworking, very sporty, has a lot of humor…Many similarities with her father. And my daughter has a lot of admiration for her father.”

First royal wedding in a long time

The last Belgian royal to marry was Princess Maria Laura’s older brother, Prince Amedeo, to Italian Lili Rosbosch. However, he chose Rome, not Brussels. “That was also a very big event, but he didn’t get married in Belgium. Now it has a different connotation.”

Source: VRT, Vorsten, Blue Bloods | Image: Andrew Ferraro via Belgian Royal Palace

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