Only two more apartment buildings put solar panels together

Only two more apartment buildings put solar panels together
Only two more apartment buildings put solar panels together

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Installing solar panels together with the fellow residents of your building and sharing the proceeds: it has been possible since this year. But it doesn’t catch on. Only two buildings in Flanders are still using the new system. Selling solar energy directly to friends or family is also slow to start.

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The energy sharing system for apartment buildings was announced more than a year ago and launched early this year, but the counter is now at two. In two places in Flanders, residents have teamed up for solar panels to see the difference on each of the electricity bills.

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“This number is still very low,” says Fluvius, who keeps track of the numbers. “With this form of energy sharing, you naturally need an agreement with several participants within the same building to invest together in solar panels and make ‘sharing agreements’, so that you may be able to start a little less quickly.”

An additional stumbling block is that all participants must have the same energy supplier. This arrangement will not change until 2023.

To friends

Since July it is also possible to sell your surplus of solar power to your own country house or to a friend or family member without solar panels. If you agree on a price that is higher than the feed-in fee but lower than the market price, both parties will make a profit. 71 and 87 people respectively signed up for that system – having the same energy supplier is also a condition here.

“During an energy crisis, it is of course not easy to let it advance,” says Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA). “There are several example projects in the pipeline to make the story more widely known. When the restrictions on the same energy supplier are removed, communication campaigns will also be launched.”

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